Orange &
Passion Fruit
The Class Clown

No-one else is as funny as you, and you know it. Your juicy breeze of humour is the best accompaniment for a night out. You’re up on the stage with a VK in hand before the music even starts.

The Boss

The one and the only. One of the favourite flavours among the group and a real leader – your electric energy matches the blue hue of VK, tinted with the slight sweetness of berries. Everyone wants to be your mate, because, well, you’re the boss!

Party Animal

You’re a truly tropical sensation, the perfect exotic blend – you bring the hotness to the party. You’re always the last one standing and know exactly where to go in every city – who wants a night out without you?

& Lime
The Flirt

You know the game, and you know it well. Out of all the flavours, this is the one to be drunk through a straw with sultry eyes. Strawberry & Lime is a perfect mix of sweet and sour, just like your personality.

The Shy Guy

Shy and quiet, you’re as cold as ice. You like to play it cool and might not be the first to put your hand up for karaoke, but when the beat drops there’s no stopping you.

& Mango
The Nerd

You might like your books and computers, but you still know how to enjoy a night out. Just because you know your Legolas from you Aragorn, doesn’t mean you can’t kill it on the dance floor.

The Dark Horse

The darkest of the flavours. Deliciously dark sweetness that is completely irresistible, just like your personality. You bring that certain thing, but none of your mates can put their finger on it.

10 Pack

The ultimate! Is there anything better than getting the whole crew together?

The whole collection is here to party, a taste sensation and a real game changer when it comes to raising the bar.

The pack contains 2 Class Clowns, 2 Boss’, 2 Party Animals, 2 Dark Horse, 1 Flirt & 1 Nerd.

What Flavour
Are You